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The Design Process

Step 1: Define the Goals for your New Site

The first step of the process is discussing your vision and goals for the new site.

Step 2: Review your Current Site Setup (if applicable)
If you have an existing site, we will discuss how your current site, hosting, domain, and email are configured.


Platform and Hosting: Our sites are designed and hosted on Wix platform. If your site is currently on a platform other than Wix, we will need to create/redesign your site on the Wix platform. Once the new site is live and the new Wix hosting is set up, you can cancel your existing hosting. If you do not know the cancellation terms of your current site and hosting, please contact your current provider to ensure there will be no issues canceling your current services.

Domain: You can purchase a new domain or connect an existing domain purchased elsewhere. We will need the login information to access the domain setting in order to connect your domain to your new site. You have the option of keeping your domain at your current provider or transferring it to Wix. If you transfer it to Wix, Wix will maintain your domain and charge you for the renewals instead of your current provider.


Business Email: If you have a business email setup, we will need to review how it is set up to determine if you can continue to use your current email provider or if we need to set up a new email provider. If you want to continue to use your current provider, you will want to verify that it is not bundled with any other services that you might be canceling. We will also need your email admin login to make sure your email is configured correctly with your new Wix hosting.


Existing Wix Sites: If you currently have an existing Wix site you wish to transfer over to Up North Web Design to redesign or manage, we will need the login information to your current account. If you do not have an account in your name, we will need to set up a new Wix account in your name and then your current provider will transfer your site and/or domain to the new account.

Step 3: Select a Baseline Template/Design

Based on the information provided so far, we will present two or more design options for your new site and create a basic sitemap. The sitemap will provide the basic layout and flow of the new site. The sitemap will also include what pages and content will be included in the design.

Step 4: Review the Contract and Pricing Proposal

Based on the information we discussed and scope project, we will provide you with a Pricing Proposal and Contract to review and sign.

Step 5: Initial Deposit

After we receive the signed contract, we will send you an invoice for the initial 50% deposit. You can pay the invoice online via credit card.

Step 6: Submit your Content to Us

Content must be provided at this step to ensure a timely delivery of your project. Please send us your page-by-page content and images in one of the following ways:

  • Dropbox

  • Google Drive

  • USB drive, External Drive or CD

  • Email


If you have a preference of where the content is placed on the site, we recommend creating file folders and subfolders for each page’s content and/or providing a content inventory spreadsheet.


The content needed for most businesses is as follows:

  • Logo (if possible, png format instead of jpg format)

  • Contact information

  • Social media and directory accounts

  • High-quality images which may include:

    • Your staff

    • Your physical location

    • Images of your products and/or services - Wix stock images are available at no charge or additional stock images can be purchased if necessary

  • Text for the About Us section

  • Text related to your services and products


Other content might include:

  • Staff/owner information: experience, credentials, background, achievements, etc.

  • Testimonials and reviews

  • Awards

  • News articles

  • Calendars

  • Blog posts

  • Information for booking services (e.g. hotel, salon or restaurant reservations sites)

Step 7: Production Begins

After receiving the content and deposit, we will begin the design process. We will provide drafts of your website for feedback as needed.

Step 8: Revisions

Once your detailed, written feedback is received, we will make revisions to the design as needed.
Most packages include two rounds of revisions. If you want to add or change anything not listed in the proposal, we will provide a separate estimate for the changes/additions.

Step 9: Final Approval and Payment

Once the final draft is approved, an invoice will be sent for the remaining payment due.

Step 10: Site is Published

Once the final payment is received, the site will be published and will be live.

Ready to start your project?

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