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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tips



  1. Research keywords that are used to search for your site.

  2. Incorporate the keywords into your website content.

  3. Update your site with new and original content often.

  4. Address your clients' questions within your content (FAQ's and "How to's" are great to add) 

Website Setup


*These items will be incorporated into your website design if you have SEO as part of your package.


  1. Write unique page titles for each page.

  2. Use the same keywords in your H1 tags and Page Title meta tags.

  3. Use one H1 Tag on each page.

  4. Incorporate your keywords into your meta descriptions for each page.

  5. Add titles and alt text to your images and incorporate your keywords.

  6. Name the URLs and images using hyphens rather than underscores. Hyphens act as "spaces.” 

  7. Create 301 Redirects.



*These items will also be incorporated into your website design if you have SEO as part of your package.


  1. Set-up Google’s Search Console and Analytics to monitor your website’s traffic.

  2. Submit your sitemap.xml file to Google and Bing.

Social Media and Directories


  1. Set-up your social media accounts (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, etc.)

  2. Make sure your profile name, business name, address, phone, and other information is listed exactly the same across all your social media accounts and listings. 

  3. Link to your social media sites on your website.

  4. List your website on your social media sites.

  5. Post regularly on your social media accounts.

  6. On Pinterest, create boards relevant to your line of business. You can use programs such as Canva to create pinnable images for your website.

  7. On YouTube, add your videos incorporating keywords in the titles and descriptions.  



  1. Post regularly.

  2. Create posts that are helpful and answer your customers' common questions and pain points.

  3. Post your recent blog posts on your homepage.

  4. Share your post on social media.



  1. Ask your clients to review you on Google, Facebook, or other sites.



  1. Use Google AdWords to set-up ads.

  2. Use feedback from ads to understand your clients' search behavior.

For more helpful resources, please visit our Resource page.

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