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What's involved to switch to Wix?

When switching to Wix from another platform, you'll need to consider how your hosting, domain, email, and any other related apps are currently set-up and what's involved to switch them to Wix.


Wix has your hosting covered so you do not need to purchase or connect outside website hosting. If you have an existing site that is hosted by another service provider, you can cancel your current hosting once your new Wix site is setup.


1. Purchasing a New Domain: You can purchase your domain directly through Wix.

2. Connecting an Existing Domain: You can connect a domain purchased elsewhere. To connect an existing domain to your Wix site, you will need the login information for your domain host to change the setting needed to connect your domain.

3. Transferring your Domain: You can also transfer the registration of a domain purchase elsewhere to Wix. Once transferred, you will manage your domain setting through Wix and Wix will bill you for the domain renewal. Some restrictions may apply though.

4. Private Registration: When you transfer or purchase a new domain, you have the option to register it publicly or privately. Private registration is an additional fee.

Email Hosting:

You can also purchase your email hosting directly through Wix. Wix offers Gmail for Business at a discounted price. You can also connect outside email hosting to your Wix site. Please contact us to discuss the right options for you.


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